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How to check if that link is a phishing link?

Do you know how links can harm your business ?

Threats are everywhere you are not aware. Surprisingly, there is some 10 monthly research on the keyword “how to send phishing link to victim” in Canada only.
Just train yourself against one of the biggest; Phishing link.

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SSL / TSL certificates to secure your online communications

SSL / TSL certificates comparaison offer

Why do webmasters have to get an updated SSL certificate?

In a strategy to secure the web, Google is pushing webmasters to secure communications between their websites and their visitor’s devices. Thus, since July 2018, Google Chrome will flag publicly all websites that are not secured;

The good thing about Google Chrome is that it updates automatically. And since Google Chrome has the biggest share, with 58% of the world wide web browsing, we can assume that at least 58% of the visitors will face the message if the website is not updated.
This means that all webmasters should take care seriously the message to update their SSL certificates so they can show how safe are their websites to their customers.

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How do we get to know that a service platform has been #corrupted ?

How do we get to know that a service platform has been #corrupted ?

Over the years, #hackers, #spammers, #scammers and other #criminals are evolving for easy money, or maybe controlling someone. Reputation and quality of service is pushing service platforms to evolve as well with better technics and sometimes by being creative.

However, when you run a business or just for personal needs, you subscribe to a platform like #linkedin, #facebook, #yahoo, #bank services, #CRM, document #hosting or others. After years those platforms are succeeding or not. Most of them will survive few years, the time of a trend only.

This is what is threatening your #security. How ?

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Canadian Centre for Cyber-Security

Why should you integrate Cyber Security processes in your business?

How to protect your digital business and life ?

Imagine having someone accessing your #mailbox. He would access all your contacts, and your history. In many cases, you will use the same #password from one service to another, which will make it really easy for him to access your other services.

Another option he has would be just to ask a password change on the related platform. Having access to the email address, he would just delete the email right away and you wouldn’t even notice it

#Phishing is a simple way to get your credentials. The hacker is sending you a similar official email of one of your service provider, as your bank, or email hosting, saying something important and is forwarding you to a similar official website of that same provider. The process is easy. They just have to;

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