Industrial design

Industrial design is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production.Industrial design is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production.

We remain constantly aware of the new trends in product design styling and the latest tools and technologies available to design products faster while always providing the innovative edge that your customers demand.

Our team of industrial designers has a vast expertise in the design and development of electronic products, in various fields such as testing instruments, security enforcement, transport and medical applications.

We use the best tools and all our creative talent to provide high-end concepts and products that will satisfy the requirements of your customers.

The result? A unique product, competitive and innovative, both in its appearance and its superior functionality.

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Electronic design services

  1. Study of specific market trends
  2. User Experience / UX research
  3. Product concepts and styling
  4. Applied ergonomics
  5. Advanced 3D modeling (Solidworks and Rhino)
  6. Photorealistic presentation renderings
  7. Rapid prototyping
  8. Technical drawings for manufacturing
  9. Complete qualification of the product
  10. Eco-friendly designs (WEEE)
  11. Design for manufacturability, assembly and service (DFM, DFA, DFS)

Electronic design expertise

  1. Design of electronic products
  2. Design of waterproof and rugged products
  3. Injection molding and overmolding
  4. Casting, machining, extrusion and sheet metal
  5. Touch screen technology integration
  6. Silicone keypad design
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Explode view of cell phone

From concepts to manufacturing

We have been designing electronic products for the past 15 years, from simple domestic devices to complex rugged and portable equipment selling worldwide, each of them with their own particular challenges.

We know how to manage electrical components and how to optimize their placement for better ergonomics, a smaller volume, better shock resistance, cooling and so on. It’s our job.

Electronic products requirements

We can guide you through appropriate material selection for standard products requirements and regulations, such as FCC, UL, CSA, RoHS, TUV, WEEE and others.

Engineers at work

A multidisciplinary team

Our position within a multidisciplinary group of electronic design and software development allows us to have a strategic access to state of the art technologies in these areas.

Industrial designers are working directly with electrical engineers and software programmers to provide a turn-key project and deliver a coherent product.

Industrial design

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