Connect your objects

The Internet of Things (IoT), is one of the disruptive technologies emerging in the 21st century.

We use already about 26.66 billions connected devices in 2019. It is expected to reach 75.44 billions by 2025.


Connected objects

Whether you are a tenant or owner, private or professional, a control system of your connected objects is there to make your life easier.

Install a 911micro ™ IoT solution, create an account, connect your electrical, electronic devices and detectors, and enjoy!

Great for residences, commerce, offices, warehouses, institutions…

A man pointing to a tablet with smart home screen at home.
Businessman and businesswoman team doing warm up and yoga exercises before office meeting.


We are in winter, it is -10 C in the sun and you are at work. The day ends. You are on the start and hope to relax on arriving home.

On your application, one finger, you increase the heating. Your house will be at the desired temperature when you arrive.


You spend your weekend in your cottage. The bricklayer contacts you to announce that he has arrived at your townhouse and is ready to start.

From your mobile app, you unlock the lock, turn off the entrance and kitchen supervision to let him work.

man controls smart home devices using app for mobile phone on background of interior of house.
Young handsome businessman sitting in taxi cab using phone


The latest movie Impossible Mission has just been released at the cinema in 4D. Your friends invite you to your party. During the session, you receive a notification.

Your system has just warned you that it has detected a water leak in your ground floor apartment and shut off the water supply. You can finish your movie quietly. No more nasty surprises!


Your washing machine has arrived and requires professional installation. It offers many new features and you want to connect it to your 911micro ™ IoT solution to remotely control or integrate it into a routine.

911micro is a specialized installer and ready to make an appointment with you.

HVAC Technician with His Toolbox