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Do you know the problem of remote controls? Always looking for the right one to order the right device. Moreover, it is often impossible to make them communicate effectively, dynamically together.

911micro ™ has the solution that takes all the electrical and electronic devices of your property in charge, under a single application.

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With 911micro ™, each user has an individual account, identified, secured and encrypted.

Providing end-to-end security of user data and device data is our first priority. We have enabled secured-based communication between cloud, gateway, and mobile with additional user management, secure Over The Air, and additional custom-built security layers.

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Using different detectors, activators, events, or simple schedules, you will be able to program any type of reaction. You could oversee a specific area of your property or even the entire property.

But you could also simply close the lights, the water inlet valve, the coffee machine, the iron, close the curtains, and activate the motion detectors when you leave to vote cottage for the weekend.

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To suit all user needs, 911micro ™ offers an application for every type of smartphone commonly used.

  • an Android application
  • an iOS application
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911micro ™ apps give you the ability to automatically and easily invite neighbors, family, colleagues or other contacts into everyday activities.


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