Security is about protecting your people and assets. Threats can come from many places. 911micro will focus on the technological side of the security like the software you use, the network connected to your devices, and the properties where you live in.

Threats can be hackers, robots, or even bugs harming your devices and or servers.

One common threat is being hacked by a robot using the servers for advertisement. Each server has a robot attempting to hack it every 15 minutes on average.

Another one is ransomware dedicated to block access to the files of a computer until payment. It is said that already 50% of companies have been victim of ransomware.

Software security

Applications, software, drivers, plugins, files, or web pages can become a threat to your computer, smart phone, tablet or home hub.

911micro offers prevention with training, or consultation. If you have already in a position where the threat became a blocking issue, 911micro can find solutions to backup your files, clean the servers and or devices and offer solutions to prevent any further threats.

Network security

Where you own a residential or a business, your network is a door to your privacy. Hackers and robots can go through if you forgot to secure or use all known tools to try to go through.

911micro can teach you how to improve your network security with a training, analyse your network through a consultation, or secure and monitor your network for you.

Property security

Either residential or business, your property can be subject to intruders, to fires, to water leaks, or maybe a medical emergency.

911micro offers you to set up an alarm system new generation, including access control, camera monitoring, movement detection, fire detection, water leak detection and panic button managed from a single application. That includes automation, notifications, and updates.

The same system can also be used to connect to your heaters, air conditioning, curtains, garage doors, all plugs and switches for the best of your comfort. All can be connected to AI such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. That is the best of the technology today available for you.


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