Property security

Access control

  • Get to know who entered your property and when
  • Filter intruders and manage visitors
  • Link it to your human resources management to be able to track hours of work or any other platform
  • Automate actions such as lighting or heating
  • Connect all of your properties in one platform
  • Give remote access
  • Access with a card, your phone, a fingerprint, a voice recognition, a code, and/or your face

Ask 911micro experienced team to Install an access control for all of those reasons, or just for some of them. That will improve your security.

Camera monitoring

  • Supervise your assets
  • Identify who is ringing at the door
  • See in a closed dark room or at night with the Night vision
  • Automate actions based on events like face recognition or movement in a specific area
  • Install a wireless camera for a simple and fast setup
  • Connect a wired camera for enhanced security
  • Backup your videos in a local DVR or in the Cloud for fast and easy remote access

Get 911micro agents to Install your security cameras with one or multiple of those options.

Fire detection

and / or gas leak detection

  • Protect your properties
  • Detect heat and/or smoke
  • Save your inhabitants from a terrible event
  • Automate events like closing windows and doors when a fire is detected, notifying the security team and owner
  • Connect a wireless detector for easiness or a wired detector for more security

Require 911micro professionals for additional fire and gas detectors installations.

There were 19062 incident fires on structures in 2014, in Canada. 109 persons died or were injured.

Water leak detection

  • Avoid expensive water damages
  • Get notified as soon a drop is detected
  • Comfort your insurance company
  • Automate valve closure and maybe electricity cut

Contact 911micro technicians for water detector installations.

The average per-incident water insurance claim was $16,070 in 2014, in Canada.

Motion and contact detection

  • Define a secured perimeter
  • Receive a notification as soon as a movement happens
  • Trigger actions based on a particular location like lighting or a sound
  • Choose wireless for easy installation or wired for enhanced security

Select 911micro specialists to secure your environment.


  • Get a fast response for your emergencies
  • Define if it could be fire, water leak, burglary, or even maybe a health issue
  • Create a routine based on the panic button you trigger
  • The panic button can be wireless, wired, and even software

Explain your project to 911micro to get a panic button installed and connected.

Property security

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