2GIG GC2e security & home control ‘3-1’ kit


  • Installer programming features and flow stay the same
  • Backward compatible with all GC2 sensors for easy upgrades
  • Supports LTE 4G and 3G radios
  • Alarm.com and SecureNet compatible



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eSeries is the next generation 2GIG ecosystem, delivering enhanced security through encrypted sensors for an exceptional smart-security performance


The GC2e panel features our new eSeries encryption technology for enhanced security and a larger, easy-to-use 5” capacitive touch screen. GC2e also features our best-in-class 2-way voice for ultimate peace of mind, and an updated, sleek industrial design.

The kit includes the most popular add-on products homeowners want: A PIR motion detector and 3 compact door-window sensors, all with built-in eSeries encryption.

Kit Contents:

  • 1x 2GIG-GC2e-345 GC3 Panel (English)
  • 3x 2GIG-DW10e-345 Door/Window Contact
  • 1x 2GIG-PIR1e-345 Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Model Number: 2GIG-GC2e-345-K31

Introducing the GC2e – Nortek Security & Control

2GIG sets the standard for exceptional performance that delivers true peace of mind. With our GC2e Security System Panel, enjoy the proven performance and trustworthiness of the original 2GIG GC2 panel, along with new features that make life even easier. With improvements like eSeries encrypted compatibility, an entirely new sleek design, larger capacitive touch screen, and our best-in-class 2-way voice, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind you get from your 2GIG GC2e experience.

Note: GC2e firmware is only compatible with GC2e and will not upgrade GC2 panels.

Encrypted sensors

New eSeries encrypted sensors provide enhanced security while reducing the risk of takeovers

Easy upgrades

Support for traditional 2GIG and other legacy 345 sensors make system upgrades easy

Front firing speaker

Front firing speaker delivers exceptional audio performance

Two-way voice

Best-in-class voice quality provides worry-free communication with monitoring services and police/fire


  1. Datasheet
  2. User guide
  3. Fingertip guide
  4. Comparison sheet
  5. Install / Programming guide


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