2GIG GC3e Security & Home Control ‘3-1’ Kit


  • Easy to install with integrated level, third-hand strap
  • Intuitive new user interface
  • Compatible with GC3 Secondary Touchscreens, Notification and Intrusion Sensors and much more
  • Backward compatible with all 2GIG legacy sensors
  • Integrated Z-Wave Plus radio supports Z-Wave devices for locks, lighting, thermostats and more
  • New Create Rooms and Bookmark Screen features tailored to each user’s needs



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The GC3e panel features our new eSeries encryption technology for enhanced security, slideshow & video playback, easy partitioning with SmartAreas™ and an intuitive 7” capacitive touch screen. GC3e also has a USB port on top for updating firmware or loading pictures and videos, plus dozens of new features like user bookmarks, ‘rooms’ for fast automation, and one-touch arm/disarm.

The kit includes the most popular add-on products homeowners want: A PIR motion detector and 3 compact door-window sensors, all with built-in eSeries encryption.

Kit Contents

  • [1] 2GIG-GC3e-345 GC3 Panel (English)
  • [3] 2GIG-DW10e-345 Door/Window Contact
  • [1] 2GIG-PIR1e-345 Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Model Number: 2GIG-GC3e-345-K31

Introducing the GC3e – Nortek Secur

Introducing the GC3e

The GC3e system features an updated, easier to use interface on its 7” touchscreen in addition to best-in-class front-firing speakers and voice quality for worry-free calls with monitoring services and emergency services. The GC3 also includes an onboard demo and promo videos to keep users in-the-know, a screen saver mode with slideshows that displays favorite images when alerts and alarms are cleared, and an elegant new look that blends in with any environment. It is compatible with encrypted sensors and supports all traditional 2GIG sensors and other legacy 345 sensors for easy system upgrades.

Additionally, the new GC3e exclusively includes the 2GIG Smart Areas™ feature, functionality that makes it easier than ever to set up ‘zone groups’ in homes. Smart Areas enable greater personalization and functionality for the end user while simplifying installation for the installer.

Compatible with encrypted and traditional 2GIG sensors.

eSensors include: Standard D/W Sensor, Motion Sensor, Glass Break Sensor, Key Fob Sensor, Recessed D/W Sensor, and CO Detector Sensor. More coming soon!

Encrypted sensors

New eSeries encrypted sensors provide enhanced security while reducing the risk of takeovers

Easy upgrades

Support for traditional 2GIG and other legacy 345 sensors make system upgrades easy

Front firing speaker

Front firing speaker delivers exceptional audio performance

Two-way voice

Best-in-class voice quality provides worry-free communication with monitoring services and police/fire

Smart areas

Makes it easy to set up and use zone partitioning in homes and light commercial settings. GC3e only

Video & slideshows

Demo and promo videos keep users in-the-know. Play user photo slideshow in standby mode. GC3e only


  1. Datasheet
  2. User guide
  3. Fingertip user guide
  4. Comparison sheet
  5. Install and programming guide


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