Yeastar Billing App For S20, S50, S100, S200



Billing App can efficiently monitor the calls and keep records of each call received/transferred by S-Series PBX. Use the Billing App to allocate call credit and top up extensions, and conduct call analysis on the basis of statistics. Both prepaid and postpaid payments are supported.

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Benefit from 400+ Phone System Features

Incoming Call Features AutoCLIP Call Forwarding Call Parking
Call Pickup Call Routing Call Waiting
Caller ID Dial by Name DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
DND (Do Not Disturb) Follow Me Queue
Ring Group Time Conditions
Outgoing Call Features Attended Transfer BLF Support Blind Transfer
Callback DOD (Direct Outward Dialing) Emergency Number
Music On Hold Speed Dial Linkus Click to Call
Linkus Select & Dial with Hotkey
Business Features Blocklist Call Monitor Call Recording
Custom Prompts DISA (Direct Inward System Access) Distinctive Ringtone
DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) Gateway Provisioning Intercom/Zone Intercom
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Linkus Mobile Client Linkus Desktop Client
One Touch Recording Paging/Zone Paging Phone Provisioning
PIN List Skype Integration Allowlist
Mobility Extension SIP Forking Remote Management
CRM Integration User Portal Yeastar CTI
Collaboration Features Conference Instant Meeting on Linkus Three-way Calling
Video Calls Linkus Cloud Service Contacts
Call Center Features ACD (Advanced Call Distribution) Queue Panel Wallboard
SLA (Service Level Agreement) Call Reports
Management Features App Center CDR (Call Detail Records) Event Notification
Event Logs Exporting/Importing Extension Feature Code
Hot Standby LDAP Online Help
PBX Monitor Resource Monitor SLA (Shared-Line-Appearance)
System Prompt User Permission Web-based Control Panel
App Center Auto Provisioning App Billing App char utile h+ Integration App
Conference Panel App Hotel App LDAP Server App
Queuemetrics Integration App VPN Server App
Voicemail & Fax Features Fax to Email Voicemail SMS to Email/Email to SMS
Voicemail to Email Visual Voicemail
Security Firewall IP Blocklist

Use Case

As a landlord or hotel manager, you can take advantage of Billing App to monitor and keep records of calls. With Billing App, you are enabled to allocate call credit and top up extensions in each room.

Enjoy Flexible Rating and Real-time Billing with Billing App on S-Series VoIP PBX

The ability to monitor, record and manage the cost of communications has always been essential to enterprises and phone service resellers. Serviced offices, hotels, and any enterprises who resell phone services to its customers are always in need of professional call billing and accounting tool to conduct sophisticated call analysis, control call costs and deliver top-notch customer services.

Whether you simply want to conduct internal cost accounting or to offer phone service to customers, you’ll find S-Series VoIP PBX Billing App beneficial.

S-Series VoIP PBX Billing App Introduction

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX Billing App is a valuable call billing and call accounting solution delivered by S-Series VoIP PBX via its App Center. It can efficiently fetch call data, monitor telecom usage and keep records of each call received/transferred by S-Series VoIP PBX.

With the robust add-on app on your PBX, you are enabled to allocate call credit, top up extensions, and conduct call analysis on the basis of statistics. Both prepaid and postpaid payment models are supported. Besides the regular call charges and statement reporting, the App also allows you to offer different tariff plans and delivering different service qualities for different types of customers. Also, for enterprises where cost accounting is vital, department manager can utilize the valuable tool to monitor phone usage of its subordinates, spot misuse, and enhance employee productivity.


Call Credit Management

Extension level or account level credits can be assigned. Users could choose to charge the call cost from the extension level or the account level.

a. Extension level: call credits are assigned to specific extensions.
b.  Account level: call credits are assigned to pre-configured accounts and shared by users who know the password (PIN code).

For more efficient call costs management, you can pre-define balance threshold, credit limit, and top-up prompt for each extension/account. When the balance of the extension/account reaches the threshold, the system will play the top-up prompt automatically to remind the user to top up. On top of that, when the account balance is less than the credit limit, calls to/ from the extension/account can be set to hang up automatically to avoid huge call costs.

Yeastar Billing App For S20, S50, S100, S200
Yeastar Billing App For S20, S50, S100, S200

Real-time Billing

The immediate real-time billing empowers the user by making rating, charging and balance and account management responsive, interactive and flexible.

Prepaid and Postpaid Service

Prepaid and postpaid modes provide real-time billing. If the pay type is prepaid, when the extension/account balance is less than the credit limit, it will not be able to dial out external numbers. If the pay type is postpaid, the “Credit Limit” is the total amount the extension/account can owe.

Flexible Rating

Call rate can be set according to extensions/accounts, time periods, call duration, call types (whether local or international, from landline or mobile phone). For example, you can set different billable unit(count in seconds) after initial time for outgoing calls for different extensions.

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Yeastar Billing App For S20, Yeastar Billing App For S50, Yeastar Billing App For S100, Yeastar Billing App ForS300


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