Yeastar Remote PBX Management


Manage and Monitor Customer Premises Yeastar PBX Systems and FXS VoIP Gateways Easily and Securely

Built for Yeastar Devices including S-Series VoIP PBX, Cloud PBX, K2 IP PBX, and Yeastar TA FXS VoIP Gateway, Yeastar Remote Management is a robust centralized platform for easy management and configuration of your customer-premises PBXs and gateway, giving you the power to quickly and securely take control without having to travel to the equipment. At a fraction of cost, you can access this amazing tool to maximize ease of use for both yourself and your customers.

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Easy and Secure Remote Management

Leveraging Remote Management, you get to configure the customer’s PBX regardless of your location while your customers get Level 2 technical support. All remote connections are HTTPS secured. Moreover, every command is double checked by device connection authentication and role-based access control. You can review comprehensive logs and have total traceability.

Real-time Monitoring and Notification

An all-in-one dashboard presents you a real-time eagle-eye overview of all your customer-premises PBXs from a central point. By automatically monitoring the status of the device, Remote Management takes the great burden off your shoulder. You can also get immediate alerts on critical system issues before your customers do, and react to them right away, realizing instant control at your fingertips.

Yeastar Remote PBX Management

Yeastar Remote PBX Management

Yeastar Remote PBX Management

Recurring Revenue

Remote Management not only allows for efficient management of your customer-premises PBXs, but also enable you to create a recurring revenue stream by monetizing support services. Excellent technical support always bears great significance in continued revenue. The ability to proactive monitoring and reaction contributes to a more efficient, successful and profitable solution.

Yeastar Remote Management

Take a look at how effective Remote Management is at improving your support response, infrastructure control and management.

Manage and Monitor Customer Premises PBX and FXS Gateway Easily and Securely

Accessible for Yeastar devices including S-Series VoIP PBX, Yeastar Cloud PBX, K2 IP-PBX, and Yeastar TA FXS VoIP Gateway, Yeastar Remote Management is a centralized management platform that allows easy management and configuration of PBX and FXS Gateway remotely. All customer-premises PBXs and FXS Gateway can be securely monitored and managed from one single platform. And the user can receive alarms of any unusual events and take actions accordingly.

How You Will Benefit

Easy Remote Management

Yeastar Remote Management makes it easy to manage Yeastar PBX and Gateways across multiple locations. It opens a secure SSH tunnel for configuration so that customers can get Level 2 technical support by simply sending the link to their equipment or service suppliers when problem arises.

Not One-time Business

Yeastar does not sell directly to end user organizations. Besides selling the hardware devices and cloud-based PBX instances, our partners can monetize support services with Remote Management Tool and maximize profits. And providing clients with excellent technical support will prove the most important part in continued revenue.

Improved Security

With Remote Management tool, it’s not necessary to do port mapping or open the firewall port when remotely accessing customers’ PBXs or TA1600/2400/3200 Gateway. The remote connection is HTTPS secured. Device connection authentication and rolebased access control provide admin with peace of mind.

Real-time Monitoring

Automatically monitor the device status and send warning message to the admin when problems occur. 20 types of alerts notify admin of device disconnection, SIP trunk registration failure, system overload, network attack, and more.

What You Can Have

Everything in Insight The dashboard presents an overview of device connection status, status change over time, details of recent alarms, and a summary of device status by group, so you can keep abreast of changes in a timely manner.

My Device List

All the authenticated devices can be found in the list, where you can see which device is online/offline, access device remotely, add administrator to the device, edit or delete the device.

Role-based User Access

Create sub-accounts with different roles (distributor, reseller, end user) and assign individual devices to relevant users. Comprehensive logs include operation date, operation type, device serial number, operator, and operator’s IP.

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Yeastar Remote PBX Management


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