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Why should you integrate Cyber Security processes in your business?

Canadian Centre for Cyber-Security

How to protect your digital business and life ?

Imagine having someone accessing your #mailbox. He would access all your contacts, and your history. In many cases, you will use the same #password from one service to another, which will make it really easy for him to access your other services.

Another option he has would be just to ask a password change on the related platform. Having access to the email address, he would just delete the email right away and you wouldn’t even notice it

#Phishing is a simple way to get your credentials. The hacker is sending you a similar official email of one of your service provider, as your bank, or email hosting, saying something important and is forwarding you to a similar official website of that same provider. The process is easy. They just have to;

  1. Copy and paste the official website
  2. Reserving a similar domain name, with a stolen credit card
  3. Changing the behavior and database so you won’t know what is happening, but they will get your username / email address and password
  4. Copy and paste the official email
  5. Use a similar official email address, but with the new domain name he is now owning
  6. Change the email links to the new domain name

With a script, they just go through the official website at the same time and change the password on the spot or get the information they want. 

Let say you activated the double step verification / Multi-factor authentification / 2fa that is enabling a second random password request when you log in. That is one of the most important step to protect your accounts today. Elon Musk, can talk about it. But don’t forget your email POP and IMAP access. They are still using old protocoles and are still subject to access if the hacker has your password or by #bruteforce.

Your mailbox is today the major place to secure, with your phone number. This is where you receive, centralize all of your communications with different platforms. Just be aware, be careful, the hacker is a click away.

Today, cyber threats are common. More than 50% of companies have been hacked. for more information on how 911micro can help you.

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